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The Parcel is the story of Madhu, a retired transgender sex worker, as she battles to save a young girl from a clan of sex traffickers in Mumbai.

In the swollen and crumbling red-light district of Kamathipura, at the heart of Mumbai, Madhu is given a difficult and potentially lucrative task by her housemother - to prepare a newly arrived ‘parcel’ for its opening. The parcel is a ten-year- old girl, sold into the sex trade by her aunt.

Madhu’s home is Hijra House, one of the last bastions in the land war slowly consuming the area. It is here that ‘hijras’ - people of the third sex - ply their trade. Now forty, with her looks and spirit waning, Madhu struggles with the task she has been given, confronted by memories of her past, of how she was rejected by her family - and by how she longs, secretly, to go back to them. Everything is dissolving within and around her. Then, as the land war comes to a head, and with her housemother coming under pressure by the hijra elders, Madhu realises she must do something radical. And by saving this young girl, perhaps Madhu can gain the ultimate redemption for herself too.

 The Parcel is a co-production with Blonde to Black Pictures 

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